Friday, August 22, 2008

On Wednesday we crocheted like till 2 AM and listened to death metal

My boyfriend is teaching me how to crochet. How backward is that? But it's no surprise that he already got better than me. I'm just too clumsy and impatient. And Elina, no, I'm not good with my hands. Definitely not. See, this is the second amigurumi I crocheted:

Not suitable for children under 3 years. Because this freaking thing will give them nightmares.

It is supposed to be a cute bird but instead it resembles some kind of a Jumbo Jet monster. J.R. crocheted a bird too. But his bird actually looks like a bird and it's cute too.

Adopt me?

Of course I don't give up so easily. J.R. started to crochet an octopus and I started to crochet a new bird. I still haven't finished it, I just don't dare to. I'm sure that when I sew the pieces together it will go awfully wrong.

Yep. That's J.R. crocheting behind the ball. Now you can see with your own eyes that he exists. He's not my imaginary boyfriend even though he sounds a bit unbelievable sometimes. Yes, he cooks, crochets, reads books about relationships. decorates the house and keeps it clean... But I have solid evidence that he's psychically attracted to me so he's not gay.


  1. Vähän niinku Addams family :D

    Mä en edelleenkään voi käsittää että te kumpikin osaatte tehä tollasia. Mä opin hei kutomaan vasta yläasteella.

  2. Mä oon kyllä tosi huono kutomaan. Silleen osaan kyllä mutta jälki on niin kamalaa ettei kehtais edes näyttää kelleen. Siinä on vaan joku semmonen juttu mitä mä en osaa.