Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New school, new studies

About eleven months and five days ago I was still studying to be a dental hygienist. Then I realized that there was something odd about the way I was spending my days. At school I was only thinking what I could code next. And after school I just code. So clearly my passion was not in dentistry. So I quit school.

I started in a new school on Monday. Now I study Business Information Technology in Laurea University of Applied Sciences. It's not exactly what I wanted but at least it has something to do with computers and stuff. And I can hang out with other nerds and become even more nerdy. Or not. Anyway. So far I have hang out with this one girl. She's really sweet and she's a teetotaler too.

And my boyfriend baked buns. In Finnish they are called "korvapuusti". I don't know why. Since if you translate it directly it means "slap on the ear".

On the other hand... they do look like smashed ears...

Last night J.R. and I talked about my blog. He said that it used to be a lot nicer when I wrote more and more often. And that now I'm only like posting pictures and babbling something to keep Hannes happy. He's definitely right and I should do something about it. I really should. But not just today.


  1. voitko kertoa et miten saan blogiini salasanan. :)

  2. Öäh. Eiköhän tuo riipu ihan blogialustasta O.o

  3. Mulla ei oo muuten valittamista sun blogin sisällöstä kuin että oot lipsunut enemmän kieliasun suhteen. Pistä se J vaikka oikolukemaan tms?

    Varsinkin nää viimeaikaset postaukset on ollu tosi hauskoja. Eikä ne kuvat mitään haittaa.