Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I have nothing better to do at work so I code. And I'm still getting paid.

I have started to make another XHTML layout for Blogger. I'm not redesigning my blog, in case you were wondering. This template is for someone else. Anyway. I have already finished with coding. I only made some basic modifications to Minima, which is one of the Blogger default layouts by the way, so it only took like an half an hour. And another half an hour because I was trying to fix a bug that didn't even existed. Oh silly me.

But it feels weird to fool around with XHTML. I was quite good with CSS, at least when it came to Blogger templates. I was comfortable with it. I felt that there were no limits, everything was possible with style sheets. I totally knew how to get things done. With XHTML I feel satisfied if I manage to put my graphics where I want them to be and maybe change some font colors. I'm not creating anything new with XHTML, I'm just... modifying things. And that's totally lame.

Today morning I also managed to destroy my own layout. Blogger just makes it too easy. Fortunately I happened to have a backup so I was able to undo my mistake. But as soon as I get home I will out of doubt check that I have a proper backup stored on my computer.

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