Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another announcement

Lately I have had only one thing in my mind. That's why I have not been able to blog. I have not wanted to blog about this earlier but I have not wanted to blog anything else either. I apologize.

And I still don't feel comfortable sharing my personal life with my blog so I won't go into details or anything. I'm just making an another announcement here.

I'm seeing someone. And this is awkward because I know he will read this too.

My ex always encouraged me to have friends and he had no problems with me hanging out with boys. He was just happy that I had friends. But I still wonder why he wasn't jealous. Was he really trusting me that much or didn't he just cared anymore?

But sometimes he did joke about it. Like when Ossi texted me he said things like "oh it's your boyfriend again". Maybe he was little jealous sometimes, I don't know. But I told Ossi about this and we begun to chat about jealousy.

I remember writing to him "how can he (my ex) be so sure that none of my friendships turn to something else when even I can't be sure of it".

And eventually one of my friendships did turn to something else. And to be honest, it didn't surprised anyone. Even my mother said "like I didn't saw this one coming" when I told her. And I talk to her for like 10 minutes in a week so she shouldn't have been so aware about this. But she was, and apparently so was everyone else too.

That's all.

And oh, it's J.R. by the way.


  1. "Anteeks ku mulla on viime aikoina ollu elämä!" :D

    Vuu, yliopiston koneille on asennettu firefox 3.0!

  2. Nii ei kai se vaan haittaa että linkkaan suhun? Eihän sen pitäny kaisaa viiä? :P

  3. Edelleen HulluliiniJuly 03, 2008 11:34 AM

    Ainiin. Huom huom otin ne emotikonit pois päältä kommenteissa.

  4. Ei tietenkään haittaa. Mutta mulle tulee huono omatunto, kun mä en linkkaile suhun koko ajan, ja toi mun blogrollikin rullaa tuolla jossain näkymättömissä :P Mut toisaalta kun kumpikin kirjoittaa kerta blogia jotka kukaan toinen ei lue, ni mikäs siinä :D