Sunday, July 20, 2008

An anatomy of a girlfriend and other tales

J.R. moved in. It was just a matter of time, though I guess everyone expected the time to come a bit later. Personally I think this time is as good as any other time. It's not like we met yesterday. I've seen enough and I'm sure everything will be fine. It just takes time to get used to this. And I'm doing my best to make him feel like home. I even make him to do all the dishes. OK. I'm just kidding. Or dreaming.

And J.R. totally saved my ass by moving in with me. Otherwise I would have been forced to move out. This apartment is for students with "families". I'm a student and J.R. is my family, they can't kick us out now.

And I met his parents today. And visited their house. So technically I just received my full girlfriend status. And now you probably wonder what is a girlfriend status.

(Hannes, I'm sorry if this was top secret. But at least I'm blogging something! And go give Anna the girlfriend status she deserves!)

A girl is nothing without a girlfriend status; she can't really expect or require things. It's like closet dating, the relationship only exists when you're together. You could confirm your status by asking him, but it will leave you in the closet. So it's better to wait for it, patiently. If he's serious with you, you will have it sooner or later.

Yes. This is pseudoscience.

So what makes a girl a girlfriend with the proper girlfriend status? When she's outside the closet. When her status as his girlfriend is undeniable. And this usually happens by meeting his friends and family because it's the fastest and the easiest way. Pretty simple, right?

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