Saturday, July 12, 2008

Amoena's bedtime story

I walked to Tapiola today. Or yesterday because it's Saturday now. Anyway. Every time I go to Tapiola I wish that I would accidentally bump to S. She was my colleague last year when I started to work in Hammasväline Oy. She had this very rusty voice and she liked to talk a lot. Our union was a bit weird though. She was like 50 years old and she wasn't scared of anything. And I was scared of everything and she took care of me until I started to trust myself.

I would like to meet her again so I could tell her how the story ended. Because there is a story. And I know she would be like the only one who could fully understand it since she was right there with me when it started.

On my first day I was totally lost. I had a list of stuff I needed to collect but I didn't knew where to find them. So I asked help from the closest person. It was my first encounter with J.R.

It didn't took long until I realized that he wasn't really communicating with others. Which in a way was totally understandable. We were supposed to work there for like three weeks so why bother to make friends. But I just got uncomfortable seeing him alone all the time while I was spending my breaks with S. and others.

So I started to ask questions. And my questions soon turned to suggestions. "We should totally go and talk with him, right?" S. said it was a bad idea. She said that we should just leave him alone if he doesn't come to us.

I ignored her.

One day I saw him sitting alone and I said to S. that we should totally go to sit with him. I had talked to him earlier and he didn't seemed to mind company. Later that day S. told me that she was wrong about him. She should have trusted my senses.

And that's how the story started. When Amoena met J.R. And like all stories do, this story started to evolve too. We started to spend all the breaks together. Then we started to spend time together on the weekends. (It was a slow process though because I was talking all the time and he just kept his mouth locked.)

To be honest, for me it was all about him. I liked my job because that's why I was able to be near him. Whenever I was talking to someone I always tried to make the conversation to be about him. And when I didn't have anything better to do I just kept watching him. Yes, I was totally pathetic but also having a serious, and almost an absurd, crush on him.

OK. The only reason I'm writing a J.R. related post is that he's not here with me. This is the first night in like two weeks when I have to sleep alone. And I don't fall asleep easily when I'm alone so I'm just trying to keep busy until I feel like super tired.

And I kinda hope that he's not reading this because this is just plain silly.

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