Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The timeless Peach Mango Tea

I wrote earlier that my aunt gave me some tea. She knows how much I love to drink tea and how I like to have a good variety of them. By the way, it's quite awesome that so many of my friends are eager tea drinkers. Like who needs coffee?

So my aunt gave me some tea. And as J.R. quickly noticed, the labelling was quite confusing. The package itself screams "NEW". You see, on the corner, blue background, yellow text. You simply can't miss it.

But on the top of the package...

...there is a sticker saying "poistuva tuote". I don't know what´s the direct translation, but it gives you the solid idea that the product is so old that they're not even producing it anymore. I'm not sure if it's true but that's definitely how it sounds.

Anyway. That Peach Mango Tea has been around like forever. I remember that I drank it for the first time like five years ago. It used to be one of my favourites back then. But doesn't calling it "new" after all these years like harm their credibility? How long can they claim something as a new product? Seriously?


  1. I love tea! I am a serious tea- lover.

  2. What's your favourite then? Do you like it loose or stricly in bags? What comes to me, everything goes as long as it's not green or anything herbal!

  3. Well, there was a time, when I was a green tea addict. Now I prefer fruit tea and "English breakfast tea" in a bag, but I just bought a thingy in what U can put loose tea and sieve it - but in a bag it is cosier, however, loose fruit tea has a tremendous smell. :)

  4. Thanks for checking out my site! I thought I'd drop by here and give you some love.

    Tea is fantastic...right now in a serious Earl Grey mode, but I love English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast. I got a swanky tea box for my birthday and look forward to getting some different types. The Republic of Tea makes a Blackberry Sage tea that is out of this world...