Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Splitting hairs

I decided that I'd let my aunt to have her way. That I would let someone professional to cut my hair just the way she wants: a lot shorter. I just want her to shut up. I understand her concern but at the same time it hurts me that she doesn't respect my opinion at all. It shouldn't be such a big thing. It's just my hair, right? I don't know why she takes it so personally.

But after that decision I went to a bathroom. There is a huge mirror and somehow I found myself standing in front of it. My hair open, just the way I always keep it. I tried to imagine it shorter, with layers and bangs and everything. I really used the best of my imagination. And you know what? What I saw in my mind kinda freaked me out.

I realized that my hair is not just hair. It's a part of my personality. If I change my hair that dramatically, I would end up changing everything else in my appearance too to make things match. And then it wouldn't be me anymore.

So no. I'm sorry. My hair stays just the way it is. End of story.


  1. Sitäpaitsi otsatukasta ei ihan heti pääse edes eroon.

  2. Joo. Mä kasvatan EDELLEEN entistä pois :D Tosin ehkä ihan kiva että hiukset ei olekaan kaikki ihan samanmittaiset :P