Sunday, March 09, 2008

Socially active but blogging crappy posts

I have reached a point where I can no longer call myself as a nolife. This is strange and I never saw this one coming. I thought I was doomed. Anyway. I used to convince myself that I don't need friends because I didn't really have any. But I always felt like this unexplained void in me, and I did noticed that every time I actually spend time with someone I felt a lot closer to sanity. It's like in that movie Just Like Heaven: "All I know is when I'm not with you, it's like I don't... exist." And now that I have friends I surely feel like existing.

So on Friday O. came by. Though I think it's time to take him out of the closet and call him Ossi. It's easier for me to use real names instead of initials. Though I will still call J.R. as J.R. because that's sounds cool and J.J. as J.J. because he's afraid someone could recognize him. Anyway. We didn't do anything extra ordinary, which from my point of view is like the best thing ever. I really like to stay home just hanging. And Ossi's like a master of hanging out. Ossi's also a master of handicrafts because he made this thing for my Nokia 6111:

By the way, I'm not showing off my laptop on purpose. It's just that there is a lamp above it and my camera phone requires a lot of light to take decent pictures. Ossi also brought Forest Fruit loose tea with him. It's like in the middle of the picture.

I know. My tea closet is a bit crowded. But I'm attenting TA meetings (for tea drinkers anonymous).

On Saturday I was even more socially active. Like a week ago I made plans with J.R. that we'd go to movies this Saturday. I had these Finnkino gift tokens I wanted to use. And since I knew was going to Helsinki anyway, I contacted my aunt who was storing some stuff for me if I could get those at the same time. But instead of just making some quick date she invited us over a dinner. So the plan extended from a movie to a dinner and a movie.

My aunt is not a nice person, but at least she's a decent cook. She made us chicken with chevre cheese and wokked vegetables. Of course the dinner included also salad, bread and rice too. It was quite luxury for me since I normally eat like... sandwiches. Before we went there I was about to say that my aunt is so going to give me her regular speech about my hair. But then I thought she wouldn't dare because of J.R. I was wrong. She totally dared.
My aunt likes to say nasty things about my hair. Sometimes she's unbelievably frank. Like she had no boundaries or whatsoever. Anyway. Last time I saw her like two days ago she said that my hair is just plain ugly and that I should have at least half cut off. I rarely comment back since I know it's useless. She wants my hair to be all shiny and sleek. And I want it to be just the way it is now. Though it could grow even longer and be even more messier.
And I wrote that in November 2007. But she have said those same things so many times before that it doesn't even bother me anymore. It's like a really good joke she doesn't get. Anyway. She's not all rotten tough. She gave me the last Harry Potter book in Finnish. It just got out so it's a big thing. I have already read it in English and I didn't like it so much. Maybe I change my mind after reading it in Finnish. Or not.

Yes. Harry Potter has a huge nose. And you know what they say about men with big noses. Hmhmp.

I can't believe how crappy this post turned out even though I spent eight (!!) hours to write this. But hey, enjoy the pictures!


  1. Mä oon aina vihannut noita Potterin kansikuvia, siis nimenomaan ton taiteilijan, kuka sit onkaan. Niitä kansia on paljon hienompiakin, mut vissiin vaan englanninkielisissä.

  2. Mun mielestä noi kansikuvat on totaalisen ala-arvoisia. Hesarissa oli vielä joku juttu niistä otsikolla "Potterin kuvat on tehty palvottavaksi". En mä ainakaan moisia jättineniä palvoisi :D

    Ainakin ykköstä on joskus saanut Suomeksi myös eri kannella. Mulla on sellainen. Tosin se ei sitten oikein sovi muuhun sarjaan :(