Friday, March 14, 2008

How I use Wikipedia to find cool bands

One of my favorite Wulffmorgenthaler moments:

"Contrary to popular belief, none of the 2,000,900 articles on Wikipedia are written by users, but by one extremely dedicated squirrel"
I hate to admit but I'm actually quite new to Wikipedia. Of course I have known it for years, but it was only like months back when I started to use it more actively. It's indeed a great source of information, but to my surprise I started to use it as a new way to find cool bands.

For example if I feel like exploring some doom metal bands I go to Google and type:

Then I just open my Wikipedia list and start to click quite randomly whatever sounds cool. But before I bother to download anything, I do at least these three things:

1. I recheck the genres to make sure that there's no(t much) gothic shit included.

2. I read trough the short introductory and quickly glance through the rest.

3. I go to the discography section to see how many albums the band has. If there are only few I might actually download the whole discography, if there are more than three I go picky. But I always take whole albums so I don't have to bother getting them later if I end up digging that band. It's a lot easier to hit delete if it's the opposite.


  1. Are you going to read my blog?

    I have re-launced it, and I guess I am not going to end up with closing it again :P

    Anyway I am going to do my best!

  2. Of course I'm going to read your blog :)