Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bored. And bothering.

I have done nothing all day. My job is here is a bit twisted. When you have something to do, you have a lot to do. And then there is the opposite: absolutely nothing to do. But I keep on checking the situation by walking downstairs every 30-40 minutes. Though it makes me feel really stupid. I just walk there and turn right back. Walk there and turn right back. Walk there and turn right back. Anyway.

So today, at work, I have been reading stuff about jQuery. It's sounds like fun and I guess I should give it a try. But the "problem" is that I'm way too lazy to make any experiments with something I don't actually need. Like, why would I need jQuery if I'm only blogging and making Blogger templates based on CSS? By the way, I should really consider switching to Blogger layouts since then I would have a good reason to do some XHTML and to try out all those cool Blogger hacks I've bumbed into.

Hmm... Should I know like some javascript before jQuery? I mean... I skipped HTML and went straight to CSS. Could I do the same with this? This is unbelievable how out of the scene I am nowadays. I guess I should have stick at school after all. I would be such a nerd by now. Though then I would also be poor, miserable and lacking three friends. Hmph.

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