Thursday, January 11, 2007

Winter Wonderland

A few days ago Julia said to me that she hardly believes it's January since it's not cold and there is no snow. I agreed with her. Today I woke up with a funny feeling and then I looked out and there was unexpectedly snow everywhere. So now we have some kind of winter here. Or at least in Espoo. I can't wait it to melt away.

Some people have found my blog via these keywords: "dentist + cavities" and "anorexic 1400 calories". Normally people find this when they are trying to find information about Kefexin.

In my last post I wondered if I manage to blog so much when I have school. I manage, the whole spring is going to be very loose. I had only one school day in this week and next time I'm going to have school on Tuesday. I call this a holiday.

It's Thursday and this is my favourite TV day. I just love House M.D. It's even better than Desperate Housewives, even though that is really good too. Finnish Version of Idols will be also aired today before House M.D. So I can spend two hours in front of my TV, which is really special since I don't watch TV so much.

I'm going to get my vision check later today. But I can't understand why do they check my vision all over again, since it's OK. There are something wrong in the glasses, if there is something wrong. I can't imagine my vision, right?

I had quite adventurous thoughts today. I just thought if my mother could have like e-mail address and we could send each other e-mail every now and then. My mother hardly knows how to use a mouse and she rather stays away from the computer. And they still have dial-up. So it's pretty much just a dream.

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