Thursday, November 30, 2006

Claiming Somebody Anorexic Is Rude

It's no surprise that I read a lot of blogs. Every now and then I find some blogs that are about loosing weight. And almost every time I also find a comment which says something like "you're anorexic, you're going to have an eating disorder". It really bothers me. I have had that kind of comment too.

I overheard this conversation at school:

- I'm so hungry, I'm going to grab something to eat from the cafeteria
- I'm hungry too but I'm trying to loose few kilograms
- You're are what? Why? What are you thinking?
- I'm going to a vacation and I want to look good on bikini!
- It's still stupid!

It's like if you're in a normal weight and you want to loose some, you automatically get eating disorder and die anorexic. Who said that only truly fat people can loose weight? It sounds a bit unfair to me.

I have never had BMI over 21. So in that point of view I have always been "enough heavy" for my height. But still I have always wanted to loose some weight. Ever since I was like 12 and realized that I could be thinner. But back then I had no clue how to drop weight and I pretty much did nothing about it, and nowadays I'm so happy that I didn't. I wouldn't known how to do it healthy.

But now I'm dieting and I'm not anorexic. I'm not sick. I love to eat and I do eat. And I will not feel guilty about the fact that I have no medical reason to loose weight. It's just something I want to do and since I'm old enough to take care of myself, why wouldn't I make my dream come true?

First I lost eight kilograms. Then I gained a few and now I have lost them again. And I love the process. Especially now when I take it far more serious than before. And by "serious" I mean that I'm counting calories. I really like to keep my food diary. I also mark down my weights: I weight myself on every Friday to see how I have progressed during the week and on every Monday to see what kind of harm did the weekend do. It's quite good system. Those are the days I also eat a bit more than normally.

And what do I eat then? I eat pretty much basic stuff. I love bread with diet coke. I like everything with diet coke in a matter or fact. I love fat-free sugar-free yoghurt. I love my all-bran cereals. I like apples. I don't eat actual meals so often, but that is more financial issue. I don't eat much, but I'm definitely not starving myself. I also eat multivitamin tablets to make sure that I get all the important vitamins and minerals every day.

There are people who are sick even though they're not all skin and bones. And there are skinny people who just happen to be that way. And I think that claiming somebody anorexic is actually quite rude. Let's just focus on fat people.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Point

Blogging is just something I do. And I have blogged ever since I got my first own computer and that was about five years ago. So I blogged before it was even cool or fashionable. These two blogs I have here in Blogger are quite fresh meat, but I had also have some blogs for years.

When I didn't have own computer (now I have pretty much two) I used to write old fashioned Dear Diary. But just how lame is that? To write something only you can read. This blogging thing is just so much more interesting. First of all, somebody else reads this shit too, I know that for sure since I use Google analytics. And sometimes, believe it or not, I even got comments!

As there are people who don't understand online living, there are also people who don't understand blogging. "What's the point?" What is the point!? The point is that you can freely express yourself in this World Wide Web. Isn't that pretty much what everybody wants: an audience. Don't we all want to write a bestseller, act in a box-office movie, sing a #1 song or whatever. This is an alternative way of being famous: I can be heard even though I'm nobody.

Somebody over the sea can read what I write and feel connected.

Isn't that just amazing? Isn't that just enough to be the point?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Partially Sighted

Today I got my eyesight checked. I'm pretty much blind soon. It's Ok since I like my glasses and the nerd image they give. It just worries me how quickly my sight worsen. At the moment it is -5.50 and -5.25. It's a lot.

The optician asked me if I read a lot. I was like "yes, I read a lot". I thought it was over but then she asked if I spend a lot time on computer. It was not a nice question because I'm a bit shamed about how much I actually spend time on computer. Like today when I got home. I almost immediately turned this thing on and while it was turning on I ate some snack; in front of the computer of course. But this is who I am. I'm a nerd and this is what I do. But some people don't understand this kind of living. So I answered to her: "I don't really count". Because I don't have to. I'm online pretty much all the time.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dear Santa

I know it is a bit early, but I want to make sure that you get this message. I have been a really good girl and I have deserved some great gifts. So here is my short wish list:

- Kitchen scales (!!!)
- Invent Your Scent Minteva (+ Zinzibar)
- Anything from The Body Shop or Freeman Cosmetics
- New bath robe + big towels
- These two books in this language: Annan perhe and Anna opettajana by Montgomery
- Any hair products you think I might need
- Note books (I mean notes that you can play)
- Cable driver for my Nokia 6111 (!!!)
- Money + chocolate + money
- DVD's
- Any cool board game (Carcassonne maybe)
- Socks & underwear

That's all.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

About Finnish Fashion Blogs

Keeping a fashion blog seems to me the new trend here. There has been fashion related blogs forever, but these blogs that I'm talking about are Finnish and made by quite young girls. In my opinion nobody under 20 can't really understand fashion. I know I'm not right, but it seems like it. Anyway. First there was a one blog which quickly came quite famous via Then there was like couple more and now they are increasing all the time.

There are few reasons why these fashion blogs bother me. First reason is that some of the writers seem to be incapable to write Finnish language proberly. I could give some horrible examples but I don't want to be rude. The second reason is that every single one of those blogs seem to be copying some more popular blogs; They all have the same template, style to write and subjects to write about. It is really boring. And the third one, they don't update often enough.

So I could give a few advice if you are planning to start your own fashion blog in Finnish.

1. Don't! Read those that already exists.
2. If you really have to, update at least twice a week.
3. Don't copy other blogs. Do something that is completely unique and don't try to be so haute couture all the time.
4. Do pictures instead of links to pictures. Think about your readers.
5. Make your blog look like you. Make your own template.
6. Sign up to a Blogpatrol or Google Analytics or such to see if your work is really worth it.
7. Be committed!!!

And finally, here are some fashion blogs I have been bumped into lately:

This actually have some potential since it was one of the first blogs and it's not terribly bad. Better language will do the trick. I tend to avoid blogs with ready-to-use blogger templates so I hope that she will make a personal template soon.

The name of the blog is quite boring and it feels like it is copying the title above. I thought this was copying everything else too, but this is actually more interesting since it's much more personal and down-to-earth. It could update more often though. Template is quite boring but at least it's a bit "pimped".

Hopeisia HelmiƤ
I don't have any special opinion about this one. It seems to be quite lame, but it has more personal point of view. I appreciate that.
Same boring template again. Stop using it. Anyway. This doesn't seem to be updated anymore.

Real Diamonds
In my opinion this is copying Turhamaisuutta too much. Don't try to tell me it's a coincidence. If she finds even more personal way to write and maybe a more personal template... and uses links little less. I still think that this one got some potential too.

This was not meant to be a review. It just happened.

Monday, November 13, 2006

New Template Vol. 2

As you can see, I have a new template again. I'm pretty sure this one is going to last more than a day. Yesterday I made another template, but that was way too colorful for me. I like this. It looks simple and clean, and that is the way I like most.

The girl in the background picture is obviously Lindsay Lohan. I have this thing with her. I almost love her, not in a lesbian way, but I'm just obsessed about her. Call me crazy, but deep down in my heart I know that she changed my life. She's just so great. Anyway. I have developed with CSS today. It's the best thing, to learn something new. I know that I'm probably never going to master it as the way I wish, but at least I'm trying to study it. And the most fun part is, there is no books where to study. Only some Internet tutorials. It's so much fun to learn yourself. It gives you that feeling of success.

But it somehow suck that I don't have enough blogs. I can only have one template at time (I don't dare to touch my LL-blog yet). I would like to design more and more and more. It makes me feel so good. Do you need a template? Do you?

Julia, my friend from school, complained today that I don't write as often as she hopes. In other words, it's been a while since I updated properly. I'm going to fix it now since I still have some time before Desperate Housewives.

School. It's not so very great subject but I'm going to talk about it. Today we had to go to clinic. If you don't know, I'm studying to be a dental hygienist, and part of our Studies happen in a clinic. Normally we have to sit and just stare what the older student might do. It's really boring because it can last for hours. But today I have to stare only for 60 minutes and then I was free. And staying that way can be a hard job to do. I mean, even though you don't do anything, you should look like you're in a hurry. If a teachers see you and you have nothing to do, they will make you do something. It's horrible. But today I managed to be free from 9am to 11am. It's my record.

On Saturday I went to my aunt with Aleksi. There was a another girl too. She was half Norwegian. She laughs really loud. Anyway. My aunt cooked as a huge dinner and I ate a lot since it's was all free. As a "poor" student free food is a great thing. After that dinner we went to movies to watch Marie Antoinette. My aunt gave us the tickets. I really liked the movie, and I didn't find it as boring as the critics. I think it was really amusing after all. And it inspired me to created Marie Antoinette themed template, even though I never actually used it. At the movies we also ate my favorite Lumipantteri sweets which I pretty much love.

So I ate a lot. And I gained like 500 grams during the weekend, which depresses me a bit, but I'm so working on it. I know that this low-calorie diet is not actually so healthy, but it works. Pilates and jogging was a lot of fun, but I need to see some results soon. I'm going to start pilates again when I have lost few kilograms more. Maybe. I'm not sure yet since this winter thing has slowed me down. I seem to be quite lazy, and it has nothing to do with my energy lever. I have a lot of energy but I don't feel like doing anything.

We have a Nintendo nowadays. That old retro thing, not the 64 version. We also have lot's of games already, but unfortunately we don't have that thingy that goes from Nintendo to TV. We are going to get it soon anyway. I got a history with Nintendo games. My family didn't actually have a real Nintendo, but we had this "Family Game" version that worked with Nintendo games too. And I loved, loved, loved to play Super Mario with my mother. And since Aleksi has totally missed the whole Nintendo thing (how come I'm not? I wasn't even born when the first Nintendo came out) we decided to get one. It's so cool.

So, Julia, was this enough for you?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

New Template

I spent hours making this template. First I thought I was designing this to my other blog, but when I was finished I realized that this template wasn't nearly as nice as I hoped, so I decided to use it here instead.

I had lots of fun while making this since I'm such a nerd. I really like to code CSS even though I'm not so good at it, and I really enjoyed searching through the Lindsay Lohan galleries for the banner pictures. I know I'm going to design more templates in the future. Maybe one day I manage to design template good enough for It's About Lindsay.

You know what bothers me? Blogs without a personal template!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Twenty Something

Sometimes when I think of my age I'm pretty sure it is something around 18. It's a bit weird since I'm twenty. I don't know why I keep believing I'm younger. It's not awful to be this "old" or anything. I just forget my age so easily. Like today when I read a story of a 18-years-old girl and for a moment I thought: "she's at my age" and a moment later a realize how silly I was.

In Judaism, 20 is the age at which a person is responsible for his actions to the Heavenly Court (and is thus culpable for his sins). Wikipedia.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Goldfish Nation

It has been years since I read this following poem. It's written by Wendy Cope, who used to be my favourite poet when I still read poems and loved them. It's quite sad but I don't even like poems so much in these days. When I was much younger I used to write them weekly and read them as often too. I even got something published. Anyway. I still like this one, it's good in Finnish too.


In the pond
There are no bombs, no guns, no bullets.
There is no property and no television.
The pond is the territory not of humans
But of the goldfish.
He is better than you.

Goldfish play.
They do not work.
They do not set the alarm clock
And get up at half past seven
And get on a crowded commuter train
And go to the office.
They are playful creatures.
Goldfish play.
Their games are non-competitive -
Swimming into a space and twisting,
Looking for another space.
All day long it's like PE
In a progressive infant school.

Goldfish are intelligent.
They anser to their names.
Go out and sprinkle
Just a pinch of fish food
As you call to them

And see them rising from the muddy depths
To greet you. Sunshine. Goldy.
Flipper. Bertrand Russell.
Maharishi. Name your goldfish
After holy men and sages.
It is appropriate.

'Look on the goldfish,' say the Inkuwala,
'And be at peace.'

The Watatooki of Wideawake Bay
Have a different saying:
'He who contemplates the goldfish
Will grow wiser than a frog.'

Albert Eames of Norwood Fish Society
Believes that his goldfish, Lucky,
Is a bringer of good fortune.
'It's a well-known fact,' he says
'That many goldfish owners in Sout London
'Have won prizes with their Premium Bonds.'

The sex life of the goldfish, it has to be admitted,
Is somewhat less exciting
Than the mating of whales.

The fact is goldfish do not have a sex life.
They breed without physical contact,
Shedding enormous quantities of sperms and eggs
Into the water.

Hundreds and hundres of sperms are attracted
To each egg
And each one tries to bore its way through the shell
But only one succeeds in doing so.

After fertilization, the egg faces tremendous hazards,
Including the danger of being eaten
By the very fish who gave it life.

But some survive. The fry swim. They eat.
They grow. Their scales ripen to gold.
And they play.

Like Buddhists,
Goldfish are disinclined
To get into an argument.
They do not discuss interest rates
Or debate the ordination of women.
On these matters they seem to have no opinion.
They prefer to play.

Ludic, aureate creatures,
Silently chanting, Om,
Gazing at reality with round, unblinking eyes.
Water-angels, glinting in the sunlight.

It's obvious that goldfish are better than people.
Goldfish are better than you.

Friday, November 03, 2006

New Phone

Yesterday my phone decided not to work at all. It was quite funny actually. First the light didn't want to turn off. Then it tilted. And then it decided to turn off itself about in every five minutes. But it probably just wanted to say to me: "go get that new phone your parents promised you months ago".

So I went to and bought a new one. I decided not to take that L'Amour phone I earlier talked about, because this other phone has so much better features including the killer camera. The colour is "frosted pink" and the model is 6111.

It looks like a camera when closed.

I already recorded a new ring tone. It is my favourite quote from "Legally Blonde". I love this phone because it is so possible to customize. I can make my own ring tones, message tones, wall papers, screen savers... How cool is that?