Tuesday, October 03, 2006


My birthday is going to be soon. My parents and my uncle said to me earlier that I can get a new cell phone as a birthday present. But there is a "but". Even though they didn't say it, I know it can't be expensive. My current phone is working ok, but it is quite ugly. So I can't see any point to change it if I can't get a lot nicer one.

So this is my current phone with exact colours:

So I have searched through the Nokia site and there is only a few phones I like.

This is my number one choice. In gold or in pink. There are other L'Amour phones I also like, but they are not yet available, or they are way too expensive.

My mother expecially wished that my new phone should not have any special features since thet cost more. What is that about? How could I choose a phone if it can't be the way I want. I want a camera. Evertbody has a camera in their phones nowadays. Why can't I have?

Why in earth did they made such an offer I can't fulfill. I don't want any ugly boring phone since I already have one. It's just stupid. I rather take nothing then. I have never complained about my old phone, so I can't really understand why they thought I need a new one. I would like to have one, of course... But...

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