Thursday, March 01, 2007

Major Whining

I know that there are probably few people who have missed my blog posts. This is for you even though this will contain mostly major whining.

I start from my diet. I have been a bad girl and fasted. If anything I should not fast. I already feel how my body is fighting against. So I should be eating more even though it will mean slower my process. I'm a bit annoyed that only diet I know is to eat less. It's not right, I know it. I have started to do some pilates again. Mainly because my legs are too chunky. I though that it could help a bit. Let see how long I can keep it regular. I hope it gets warmer so I can start walking/jogging.

Today I had some pharmacology studies but all though the lecture I played Uno with Julia. There are honestly nothing better to do. I don't know what ever happened to actual learning. It just brings us down to "study" something that has nothing to do with our future career. I rather continue finishing fillings.

I would like to go shopping and actually buy something. I honestly need some new clothes. I live on Sello's doorstep but I hardly ever go there. Of course I walk through it every school day, but I mean that I don't ever go to any shops inside it. I would also like to watch more movies.

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