Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Amoena Loves Curettes

Today we had two Dutch exchange students in our morning class. They gave us a little presentation and we learned that in Holland oral hygienists can also do fillings. I have done several fillings in plastic teeth and I'm not sure if I could ever do a filling in a real tooth. So I'm quite happy that we are not even allowed to do fillings yet. Our teachers preach all the time how things are going to change. How oral hygienists are allowed to do this and that. We will see.

After that Dutch presentation we continued scaling. Scaling means that we are removing calculus with our special scaling instruments. Curettes are my favourites and I also like to sharpen them. We are still working with plastic teeth and It's OK. I'm so not ready to have real patients yet. I know that when I write about school it sounds a bit boring. But it is because I don't have so big dental vocabulary in English yet. Words like "curette" and "scaling" are quite easy, but what about those words I don't know in Finnish either...

Tomorrow I'm having an exam about tooth morphology. I have not studied anything yet and I'm a bit worried if I have enough time to learn every tooth properly. We have to recognize every tooth from it's roots and crown only. And we also have to know which permanent tooth appears when. So if you count your teeth and think about little about your milk teeth you can realize that morphology really isn't easiest thing to memorize.

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