Saturday, March 24, 2007


Today I purchased a pair of Vans Slip-Ons. I know that I'm like at least five years too old to wear slip-ons but I just couldn't resist. I admit that I have always admired those shoes. I have always wanted a pair. My intention was only to try them on and then slowly leave them at the store. But those were way too comfortable to leave behind. I like Vans Slip-Ons because they are so laid-back and that they also represent some kind of rebel semipunk attitude to me. Now I just have to buy some clothes that go with them.

I also nearly bought a pair of black skinny jeans. But then I realize that they are called as skinny jeans because they are meant to skinny people. I would like to own skinny jeans but I think that trend is already pretty much over. I'm always late.

I have to pull myself together since I have totally ruined my vlc-diet. I just can't believe how bloated I am. Maybe when I have lost like two kilograms I can seriously consider some skinny jeans. If they still sell them at 2050.

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