Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Seasonal Goodies

I have lost weight that I gained during my holiday. It's good but I'm not anywhere near my goal weight. Today I have been eating quite much but I'm not feeling guilty. I ate quite healthy in my opinion even though my diet included some seasonal goodies = laskiaispulla.

In these couple of days I have been wearing only tricot clothes and it amazes me how these kind of clothes make me look quite slender. And it makes me feel satisfied. But I know that these clothes may trick me to think that I can eat more. I definitely cannot.

I watched All Access today and the subject was skinny celebrities. Lindsay Lohan was mentioned for a couple of times, but the way they presented it didn't make me happy. First they showed some recent pictures in which she was in shape and not too skinny at all. And then they showed some old pictures of in which she was, of course, super skinny. In my opinion Lindsay is not skinny at the moment, she only looks happy and healthy. So it's not OK that they try to make it look like she's anorexic or something.

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