Monday, March 26, 2007

Playing Truant

I didn't plan to play truant today but I just couldn't get up. I feel a bit guilty for leaving Julia to "study" alone, but it was only few hours so I guess it went fine. I was going to bring the newest issue of Glamour magazine with me, but I bring it tomorrow instead.

Even though I was really tired at 6am, I woke up at 10am. And I have been very efficient today. I went back to Waldo's to change my new shoes to bigger size. Yes, I'm the only person in the world who buys too small shoes time after time. I also wanted to change the colour, but there were no sizes left. Then I did some window shopping. I found few scarves I liked, but I have too many already. Yesterday I read Style Bytes and now I have very mixed feelings about Palestinian scarves. I would like to have one but at the same time I'm worried about my imago. I think that the best solution is to avoid them.

After window shopping I went to library. I borrowed few non-fiction books and read a big pile of magazines. Of course I didn't actually pile them, since you can only take one magazine at time.

I have noticed that even though I read a lot of fashion magazines and blogs, I'm much more into street style. I like things with edge and personality.

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