Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I saw them first

I'm just blogging to inform you about this wonderful thing: I got the shoes, the Vans Tory Buff Plaid trainers. They're all mine now!

On Friday I visited several stores in Helsinki that were selling Vans shoes (Thanks to Ossi for than information! You're always the greatest!), and even though the selection was definitely larger than in Sello, I couldn't find anything nicer than these trainers. The colors just work for me. I'm also very happy that I went to buy these shoes as soon as I realized that they're the nicest pair around. They only had one pair per size, and as I was determining my shoe size some girl kept staring at me. I guess she wanted these shoes on the same size too and waited for me to put them back on the rack so she could have them. I was lucky to get them before her. I can't wait for the spring now!

Papu is eagerly waiting for the spring too. Look, here she is chilling in the sun:

There are also some new Papu-videos for the hardcore fans on Youtube. For example this cute video of Papu eating lettuce:


  1. Noi sun uudet Vanssit on aika siistit. Oliko kalliit?

  2. Ei ne mun mielestä kalliit ollu, mutta kaikki on tietty suhteellista. 59e maksoin noista :)

  3. Really purty shoes I must say. You got them just in the nick of time!

    Papu is such a healthy eater. Carrot, grapes, even lettuce!