Tuesday, April 06, 2010

First encounter with a dog hater?

The story starts like this: I'm walking with Papu and suddenly she starts to poop. As she is pooping, an old couple walks by us. The old lady stops for a second, gives a bad look towards Papu and says to me, with a very disapproving voice, "this is a pavement" and moves on.

I have always known that those people exists, but this was my first encounter with them. With those DOG HATERS, I mean. I don't know how else to call them, because I wasn't doing anything wrong and neither was Papu. There is no law in Finland that dogs can't walk on pavements. Besides, it would be pretty damn hard not to walk Papu on pavements because we live in a city. Should I carry Papu to the nearest forest just to make sure that no one don't have to see her poop? That's just plain silly.

I think the old lady was being nothing but totally unreasonable. I would have understand if Papu would have pooped on the middle of the pavement and being on her way, but she didn't. There was plenty of room for her and her husband to walk by. And I already had my hand in the bag (or bag in the hand if that makes more sense to non-dog owners) so I was more than ready to pick up the poop. I know that it's probably not the most pleasant view to see a pooping dog, but for god's sake, it's not like you have to watch.

I don't mean that everybody has to love dogs. Of course not. I just think it's not very nice to say upsetting things to dog owners when there's no real reason. I, on the other hand, would like to make one very upsetting comment to a cat lady that lives the apartment building next to ours. She "walks" her cat everyday in the inner court and the cat is never leashed. It's against the Finnish law to keep dogs and cats unleashed in urban areas, and she breaks the law twice, because she also allows the cat to go to the children's play area. I don't mind the cat, though, but the lady itself is very annoying. She keeps calling her cat (it's called Mimmi) continuously and if our windows are open, we can hear it very clearly. After the first hour it really drives me crazy. I find her also annoying because I'm sure that the cat is just her excuse to stalk the neighborhood. If only I had some encourage...

By the way, Papu is now one year old. Time goes so fast! Just a minute ago she was like this:

And now she is like this:

What funny ears?


  1. Unfortunately there will always be grumpy people that live to say mean things.

  2. I agree, it's not about Papu or dogs but they just have to have something they can disapprove and say mean things about.

    It's crazy how much Papu has changed!

  3. Your pup is adorable!!

    I had a similar experience, but mine involved dogs sniffing butts. A lady on the walking path refused to let my dog sniff her dog's booty - how rude! I blogged about it, naturally...

  4. I know this feeling such well I could write exactly the same post myself. There's always something that is not good and still worth complaining. No-lifes...