Tuesday, March 09, 2010

How hawt are my new pants?

I don't usually start to crave things that I see online, but when I saw these pants on a Finnish DIY blog, Minä itte, I just had to have them. The bird pattern was simply too pretty to pass... and they were also available on a store close to us and with a very cheap price. I couldn't be more happier with my new pants. I wear them at home when I want to be comfortable, or outside under my jeans when I want to be warm.

Pretty, pretty birds

I went to shopping with J.R. today too, but I didn't find anything nice. I would love to have a more personal style, but shopping is the most difficult thing I know. I have no idea what suits me or how to mix and match. I'm completely clueless when it comes to clothes. I would need a stylist to overcome my wardrobe problem. Is anyone out there in the metropolitan area willing to go shopping with me? Seriously, I need help?

But I did find some nice shoes! I didn't buy them yet, but I'm totally considering it. I love pretty much all shoes by Vans, but they are quite hard to find from Espoo where I live. There is only one store close to us that has them occasionally, just some random models out of the blue, and today I was so thrilled when I found two different models of Vans trainers from there!

My first choice: Vans Tory Buff Plaid in green and blue

I know there are a wide selection of Vans shoes online, but somehow I'm not comfortable ordering stuff from abroad. I don't even know how to make my debit card to act like Visa, though I know it's possible. I would also like to be able to try the shoes on first, so I could only order shoe models that are available here anyway.

Now I'm just pondering whether I want to buy new spring shoes already or not. It's still a full winter here, so I might not be able to wear the shoes for months and then I might find something even nicer... but on the other hand I'm worried that when the spring actually comes, there might not be a single pair of Vans shoes for me to find! Should I just buy every pretty pair of Vans shoes when I find them?


  1. Love those pants. Would love to have a pair for myself.

  2. If you can afford them, why not buy them. You can never have enough shoes because it's so hard to find good ones. Those shown here are pretty...

    The pants are very interesting and they look comfortable too. Are they actual leggings, meant to be worn as trousers and not just undergarments?

  3. Elina: I guess they are leggins, since the label said "housut". Why else would they call them pants? I don't intend to wear them in public, though :D

  4. Very cute pants! Love the bird pattern!

    Shoes... If you like them, buy them. It's hard to find good shoes! Those are really nice, I like the colors!