Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Do You Know Me?

I read a book about blogging. And I realized something: my blog is extremely boring. But this blog is also very honest. I write about my life and my life is boring. I wrote this for myself and for Julia who openly reads this blog too, so I don't expect a large audience.

Today, I know this is just a coincidence, one girl said something to me at school that sounded a bit like it was taken from my blog. And I started to think about how easily anyone who knows me can find this blog. I study to be a dental hygienist, and if you search for a suuhygienistit as an IRC-Galleria group, you will eventually find me. I started that group and there are only few members in it. And via my profile you can very easily end up here. But it does not matter.

And why it does not matter? I used to have very open online journal once and a wrong person found it. And there was consequences. I'm much wiser nowadays what comes to be public. I still write honestly about my life, but I try not to write anything too personal. So it does not matter if someone who knows me read this blog. I only write things that are OK as an common knowledge of me.

In a matter of fact, you can confess now if you know me. Just drop a comment.

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