Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My life as it is now

I've been into photography for quite a long time now, but I have never ever shown my pictures here in my personal blog. I don't know why. I thought about starting a photography blog once, but then I realized that I already have too many blogs... and that is hard to maintain even just one. But now that I have this thing going on again, I can share my pictures here!

I'm not going to show any old pictures, or older pictures than these, because past is past. I want to blog about my life as it is right now. I took some pictures when we were visiting Viiala and I like how some of them turned out:

We danced and then it was winter

If you look hard enough you can still hear the music

I think photography is nowadays easier for me because I have developed a style of my own... sort of. I like these kind of dreamy and eery pictures. And pictures like these are actually quite easy to achieve. I use the widest possible aperture, which is ƒ/2.8 in my lens to get the blurry background with shapes and shadows. It's not really a must, but it really makes the pictures look more dreamy. After taking the pictures I edit them using Lightroom. I make them have that black&white look with the blue-ish tint. I usually do the colors first, because they really set the feeling of the picture. And then I do the final trick: negative value in clarity. It's like magic that makes these pictures alive. It's funny how in other pictures I always increase the clarity, but with these kind of pictures it's all about decreasing it.

I don't play around with my camera often though. I do photograph every week (because me and my friend always have a photography challenge going on), but I don't give it the 100% like I should. It's not the same as going out with the camera and photographing for hours, just to get that one great shot. That's just hard for someone as lazy as I am. I always promise myself that I'd try harder or concentrate more on the challenges but yeah. Never gonna happen. But when I do photograph... I love it. I guess that's the only thing that matters in the end.

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  1. I think we have a fairly similar taste in aesthetics in general - I like the atmosphere in your photos. And I know that you're into urban exploration -type things which fascinate me as well. Adobe Lightroom is great by the way for even regular photos when you have a black dog :D I just add exposure so you can actually see him in the photos..

    I find I have that same attitude as well - while I really, really enjoy painting, I just don't do it that much or at all. Whenever I do, it's so great and I'm so inspired.. but it's such hard work getting started! I'm not really a person who gets super immersed in only one thing so maybe that's one problem. I like to try different things but I easily drop them over time..