Thursday, May 22, 2014

Triptychs and an egg

Some time ago me and my old coworker decided to start a new photography challenge - triptychs. They are harder than they seem though. I always get two nice pictures, but the third one is a struggle. I just never get it quite right, the way I want it. But I guess that's the point of these challenges, to get better, to train your "eye" for photography. I always like to think that an average picture, even poor picture, is better than no picture at all. Photography challenges make me make pictures, and that's what makes me happy.

Coming home soon?
Glass & Metal Grid

It's also more warm here, it feels so much like summer already. I kinda wanted to go outside and go shoot more pictures for my D R E A M S set... But this week's challenge was "every day objects" (though we just discussed about changing it to "pretty much everything goes as long it's something new") so I took photographs of an egg instead. Don't know if that's an object but at least it's something plain and simple and all those things.

This is how I started. It's just an egg. In it's box. Nothing fancy really:

I decided to change my set-up. I thought that maybe the egg might work better on its own, without distractions. Besides, my DSLR desperately wanted to focus on the box. This was my next attempt:

Boring. Bad. Uninteresting. Plain. Ugh. I needed to adjust my lights, and so I did and ended up with this:

You're such an egg head

Better. I have learned over and over again that photography is mostly about lights. They do the magic. It's still the same white egg, on the same white table. But it's more interesting because there are dramatic lights and shadows going on. And they are pretty easy to achieve too. I used a light diffuser in this picture though... and a silver reflector... but but but. It's still easy to play around with lights. I used to do it before I had any fancy equipments to play with. When there is light there are shadows. Nuff said.

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  1. I used to have a link to your blog because I was reading you many years ago, and now somehow I decided to visit your blog just for a moment to check if it still exists... And I must say you impressed me with your pictures, I really love that style and color. A couple years ago, I thought I would enjoy photography, but I proved to be too lazy and uncreative for that... I was also unwilling to spend money on additional equipment, so I just used my Canon 500D kit and that was all... Then I understood it was impossible to master Photoshop and Lightroom because it would kill all my time, so I just stopped trying. But I always enjoy seeing others' works, which are worth attention – like yours.
    And by the way, I was in Helsinki last year, only for 2 hours, but I think it's an amazing city :)