Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Running socks

About a weeks ago I didn't have any running socks. No I have not one but four pairs. How did this happen?

I watched some video on YouTube about how running socks are the most important gear after running shoes. I beg to disagree though. If you're a girl, the second most important thing is a proper sports bra. I think it might be even more important than running shoes because boobs are forever but you can always stop running. The video still managed to make me curious about running socks so I decided to get a pair. Socks can't be that expensive, right?

But they can, and they are. In the first store all the prices started from twenty euros. That's quite a lot money for one pair of socks. But they were all fancy, fancy indeed. I decided to keep looking. I found cheaper SOC socks from Stadium. They were so cheap that I decided to get them even though they weren't as fancy as the socks in the first store. The package contained two pair of socks and they cost about ten euros. I chose a package that contained one pink pair and one purple pair:

SOC running socks in pink and purple
Since these SOC socks where cheaper I decided to invest on a fancier pair too, mostly because I wanted to know if there's a difference between cheaper ones and more expensive ones. I picked a pair of X-Socks Run Fast socks from InterSport for about 20 euros. They have a two year warranty.. .and you have to register them online. Madness! But at least they seem pretty impressive and they had a long list of all kind of technical qualities.And they are nice to look at too:

X-Socks running socks
These X-Socks socks are ankle lenght, which is something I like especially now when the weather is still pretty cold when it gets dark. They are not as warm as SOC socks, they are rather thin but they feel much more firm. After these purchases I already had three pairs of running socks... but then I found even cheaper running socks from Lidl. I think the brand is called Crivit or something. They cost only three euros. I bought them... because I wanted to know if there's a difference between the SOC running socks and these super cheap ones.

Crest running socks
They are both the same size but as you can see frem the image, the SOC sock (pink) looks more fitted. They do feel the same though when I wear them. They are both pretty short but warm. I think the Crivit ones may have more cushioning than the SOC ones. But quality-wise... they do feel and look pretty much same.

SOC and Crest running sock comparison
I have tested all the socks now and here's my verdict: I think there's not much difference between SOC socks and Crest socks. I think the SOC ones maybe fit slightly better and they are prettier... I think I'd invest the extra two euros per pair just because of the pretty bright color but there is nothing wrong with the Crivit socks either.

X-Socks are on the next level, at least in my opinion. I liked them the best. I tried them together with regular cotton socks and with Crivit running socks and I think there was a difference. They just felt nicer and the fit was superb. Though I am not sure if they felt nicer because I knew they were more fancier and more expensive than the other socks I tried. It was not a blind test after all. My opinion may be biased... But will I keep using running socks instead of regular cotton socks? Most definitely. Are they the second most important things after running shoes? Not for me, definitely not for me. One should not underestimate the value fo a good sports bra.

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  1. I would guess that the better fit is important for longer runs. Regular socks might get creased under your feet from the repetitive movement over a long run and cause problems with your skin. And cotton doesn't really breathe so your feet will be cooler (in the summer but also in the winter if you sweat a lot > wet feet feel cold).