Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Raising a greener dog

Papu eats a lot of canned food with her kibbles, but since she's so small, one 400g can lasts for three days. I used to wrap the cans in small plastic bags, but soon I realized that it's not going to be so environmental friendly. One plastic bag in three days makes 122 plastic bags in a year. That's a lot of waste, so I just had to find an alternative.

I saw silicone lids in Modern Dog magazine, and I knew that would be a good solution. There was just only one problem: I couldn't find them from the stores near us. I searched through them all, but nothing. Eventually J.R. had some business in Helsinki and found some from Stockmann:

They come in a set of three.

And gosh aren't they handy! They are really easy to use, a lot easier than plastic bags, and they fit perfectly. I can be sure that Papu's food will stay as fresh as possible. And they look nice too:

Yes, there is a digital clock and a plush cow in our fridge.

Papu likes the lids too.

I don't know if the lids are really a greener alternative, because I don't know how much environmental resources it takes to make them, but at least we make considerably less waste now. That got to help something, right?

Papu has also found a new hobby. She figured out how to see out, and now she's watching our neighborhood all the time. It's kinda cute actually because she seems to take it quite seriously. I don't mind that she has activities like that, since she doesn't bark when she does that. She just guards.

What's there, my friend?

PS: There is actually a blog about how to raise a green dog.


  1. Samantapasia kansia sai ku osti kissanruokapurkkeja jonku tietyn määrän joskus 10 vuotta sitte :D

    Hyvä idea kuitenki!

  2. Very nice, it's annoying though how much effort it takes to be environment friendly. The real solution can only be to make it as easy as possible for anyone, not just those who feel strongly about it and don't shy away from going the extra mile for it.