Sunday, February 14, 2010

And they were still on sale!

I bought new jeans on Friday, and by "new" I mean the exact same jeans I bought last time, and the time after that. The only difference is that these new jeans don't have holes in them and they are one size smaller. That's right: one size smaller!

I don't know when and how I have dropped the weight, but all the evidence speaks for it. On Thursday I tried on my old jeans, the jeans I couldn't fit in the last time I tried, but this time they fit perfectly. Absolutely perfectly. And then I realized that my current jeans weren't just "stretched" by all the heavy use, they were simply a bit too big for me.

There's just one problem with losing weight: it makes you want to lose more weight. And I try really hard not to think about my weight because I have had problems with that in the past. There's nothing worst than constantly obsess about your weight. Besides, I've been in a really healthy stage since I started to date with J.R. He cooks the food, puts it in my plate and then I eat it. I don't think about it. Without his care I'm sure I wouldn't be eating at all. It would be too difficult for me. Anyway.

I didn't plan to buy the same jeans again, though. I was going to buy myself something new, something nice to congratulate myself for the succesfull, subtle weight loss. I tried many jeans, but unfortunately the current fashion doesn't really go together wit my taste; most of the jeans were too skinny for my taste or they were too wide legged. I like jeans that are slim and straight... just like my old jeans.

So when J.R. brought me the jeans, I thought "why not". The definition of my style is "boring" anyway, so there is no reason not to buy the same clothes again and again. Why shock people with something new?

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  1. I totally agree on going for the same thing over and over, if it works. It's hard enough to find even that one thing that suits your body perfectly, so if you found it, why get rid of it?

    I'm glad you have JR to take care of you. We seem to be opposite in this eating thing: if I don't think about my weight and don't obsess about eating, I gain weight... I only lose weight when I'm busy and don't sit at home too much. I just like food. :D