Wednesday, September 23, 2009

There will be Kongs!

Papu's been quite destructive lately, so we decided that she needs more activity toys. We visited two pet stores nearby, but the selection of active toys for dogs was quite narrow in both of them. Of course we use empty toilet paper rolls and stuff to keep Papu busy in a more economical way, but we don't have enough toilet paper rolls to keep her busy for hours. We definitely needed more toys. We ended up buying another Kong toy for Papu. She loves her Puppy Kong, but we though she's big enough for Classic Kong too now that she has her new pearly white teeth set. Now she has two Kong toys, which means she has twice as much to do while we are away. That will probably prevent her from getting bored.

Papu totally recommends Kong toys!

We also bought her a mini Molecuball. The package said "the product should be slightly larger than your pet's mouth", but there were no "small" or "medium" Molecuballs in the stores. Just these mini Molecuballs and quite large-ish Molecuballs. We decided to try mini Molecuball, even though there is a big change of it being too small for Papu. On the other hand, Papu is a MINIature pinscher, so maybe it is the right size. We haven't tried it yet, but I let you know if it works with minpins. We tried it. It's OK as long as there are treats inside, but once they're all out, she starts to chew it. And it's not strong enough for chewing. But Papu seemed to like the toy, so we will let her play with it. We just have to supervise her really closely.

There is also another dog toy I would like to recommend: Flossy Flappy. It's definitely Papu's favorite toy. Seriously, she loves it. It's perfect for retrieving, tugging, chewing... And it squeaks in a way that won't kill your ears, I promise! Papu's been playing with her Flossy Flappy a lot, so I have had to fix it three or four times by now, but I still think it's very durable. No dog toy is indestructible (except Kong toys maybe). Papu also has a Fleecie Flappy, but she doesn't like it as much as she likes Flossy Flappy. It's just not as... flossy.

Fleecie Flappy above, Flossy Flappy below.

Papu doesn't have so many toys after all. I would love her to have more toys, but I'm really critical with her toys. I want her toys to be durable and safe, and many dog toys aren't. Especially plastic squeaker toys look hazardous. Anyway. Papu also have a rat softie we bought from Ikea about month ago. As you can see, it's still very much in one piece. Hooray for Ikea quality? Papu likes her rat, sometimes she even uses it as a pillow. You know, when she's not killing it. Papu also has a basic rope toy for tug games.

Yes. A dog has replaced my life. This blog was supposed to be about me, Amoena, but nowadays it's mostly about my dog called Papu. I hope you're not disappointed. Papu is just much more interesting than me. But if you're fed up with Papu-related posts, please let me know. I could try to blog less about Papu.


  1. At least you're blogging, unlike me. :D

    It's admirable how intelligent Papu is. She's actively and independently playing with her toys. I didn't know dogs could do that, because I only know about my friend's dog who's not so active and clever, apparently. :D

  2. Absolutely NOT fed up with Papu posts. She's part of your life!

  3. There's something for you in my blog...