Monday, August 24, 2009

Hairy happenings

There are things happening in Amoena's world. First, and most importantly, Papu has lost her first canine tooth. Our hairy baby is growing up!

Canine tooth of a canine.

Secondly, we've been hitting dog parks. We like to visit them more than Papu does. She's very wary around strange dogs, especially if they are bigger than her, but we want her to get socialized. Dog parks are pretty much the only socialization option, because we don't have any friends with dogs. Anyway. Sometimes Papu is feeling more brave and she might actually try to play with other dogs. You know, if and only they happen to be almost the same size as she is.

She's gonna catch you, J.R.

Sometimes, quite often actually, the dog park is empty so J.R. has to play with Papu. They run around in circles. It's nice to watch, because they both run so fast. Papu obviously runs faster, though. She's a little lightning. And when she's not running around, she's jumping around. She's good at that too.

Jumping off the picture.

Sometimes, not so often this time, I'm worried that the other dog owners won't like us. Papu is not a good playmate for bigger dogs or for dogs that are too eager. They make Papu scared, and when she's scared, she does nothing but hides behind our legs. And we let her. She can choose if she wants to play with other dogs or not, we're not pushing her into anything. Anyway. If the other dogs get too near her or try to approach her too eagerly when she's scared, she shows off her teeth. I don't know how the other dog owners feel about that, even though there's a very good reason for it. Papu's not aggressive. She just wants the bully dogs to leave her alone.

Papu looks funny when her eyes are closed.

Hmph. I can't believe I just wrote another Papu-related blog post. I wasn't supposed to. I was going to blog about the My Little Ponies I bought for my mom from the flea market we visited today. She collects them and I'm a good daughter. Here they are:

I'm pretty sure she doesn't have these ones yet.

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  1. The second from left My Little Pony looks like she has some serious disease.

    I think all normal dog owners SHOULD know that dogs aren't necessarily aggressive when they show their teeth.

    Probably all small dogs are shy when they're young. How can you not be when almost everyone is bigger than you?