Thursday, July 30, 2009

Puppy picture overload

Hello! It's Amoena and Papu and we are blogging in Viiala. Papu actually sleeps on my lap right now. We've been at my parents' place since Friday and boy, this feels like a vacation. Things are so much easier here. We don't have to worry about the food. My mom cooks it. I don't have to do any housework (though I know I should) and it's so much easier to take Papu out for a pee. I can just open the door and let Papu run free. I love the life at the countryside. And so does Papu.

And guess what? Since I'm on a vacation, this is pretty much all I'm gonna blog! Hooray for puppy pictures!

Here's Minni. She's my mother's dachshund puppy.

She's obviously best friends with Papu.

Really. They like each other. They even share the same bed sometimes.

And here's Pipa. She's my sister's dachshund puppy. She's from the same litter as Minni.

Many things happen when three puppies meet.

We also took Papu to swim. She's not into it. Yet.

She's all wet. But at least she looks quite happy.

Papu's not digging it.

Papu's sitting on a flower. Good girl. They're weeds anyway.

Obviously she needs plenty of sleep after the long day.


  1. Papu is cute as a bug! <3 thanks for sharing her photos! :)

  2. Looks like so much fun! Does she run in crazy circles? Charlie will do that sometimes. Especially when he has space to.

  3. Aww. You have to visit Viiala more often now, Papu will miss having company.

    Janne's hands look kinda crooked in that boat photo :D

  4. Grace: Yes indeed she does. She does that inside the house too, even though we don't have so much space :P