Thursday, July 16, 2009

And the only thing that you wanted to do was show your mum that you could play the piano

I played piano yesterday. It was a lot nicer than I remembered. The last time I played piano was about three or four years ago. No one has pianos nowadays. That's a shame. I like to play piano, because I don't really know how to play it. It's not my instrument, my instrument is electric keyboard. The idea is the same, but you play it differently, it feels different and sounds different. Piano allows me to improvise and that's something I really enjoy. I can just pick some random chords and compose something. It's not even difficult. I wish I had my own piano some day. Though then I would learn how to play it properly, and then it would be less fun.

Anyway. We bought new tea mugs. Finally! We have been planning it for months. We couldn't decide which colors we wanted, though eventually we decided to take the colors that we wanted in the first place. No surprise. The manufacturer of the mugs is Arabia, which is very popular and trusted brand in Finland and the range is called KoKo.

They are just mugs, nothing fancy. Just like we wanted it. And we are pleased with the colors too; chocolate and orange. Chocolate will go well with our brown teapot and orange with our orange sofa. We might get other colors (and bowls and stuff) in the future, but now we are happy with what we have.

Papu is four months old now, and she's still very cute. Her one ear is completely up now, and we are waiting for the other one to get up too. That's how we want them.

She has learnt new tricks too. For example, she knows that when we are not at home, she can jump on the tables and take whatever she wants and play with it. She's so clever. She has already unraveled one skein of yarn, destroyed several nail files, eaten my sleep mask, eaten her own food without permission... But I guess that's what puppies too.


  1. That's so nice that you can play the piano! I always wanted to learn, but I'm not good at anything musical. Your mugs are very pretty and the colors are very nice!

  2. Koko on kyllä kiva sarja. En tajua miten osaat improvisoida. :o

    Teiän pitää kehittää jotain turvasysteemejä Papu-hyökkäyksiä vastaan. :p

  3. Elina: Pianolla on just tosi helppo improta sen takia kun sitä ei oikeesti osaa soittaa :D Ei tarvi miettiä mitään teoriaa siihen, niinku tolla mun omalla soittimella. En mä sillä osaa :P

    Se on vähän sama niinkun se, että ne jotka ei osaa soittaa _yhtään_ ni voi mennä siihen pianon eteen ja pimputella mitä mieleen lystää. Ne jotka vähänkin tajuu pianonsoitosta, niin ei ne tommoseen pysty. Siinä alkaa miettimään sitä "oikein" soittamista väistämättä.