Saturday, June 13, 2009


Today is "worl wide knit in public day", or WWKIP if you like abbreviations like I do. We already took part by knitting in Esplanadi in Helsinki. It's a very popular and busy esplanade in the middle of Helsinki. It was actually an event held by Taito Helsky. We were supposed to knit or crochet potholders and attach them to places so the passers-by could take them. I started to crochet a round potholder, but it was a total FAIL so I terminated the project.

Anyway. Here is a bad picture of me. I'm wearing J.R's sweater because the weather was a little bit chilly at the moment. And I'm actually sitting on my own hoodie because the ground was a bit damp. You can also see the remains of my blue potholder next to me. I started to crochet another one, but I never finished it. And Papu is, of course, very interested to see what I'm doing. She was surprisingly nicely with us, by the way. She panicked only once when J.R. went to buy us some fresh peas and was nowhere to be seen.

My hair is not really that gray, in case you were wondering.

J.R. crocheted a very nice potholder, of course. I hope that someone nice took it and that he/she would appreciate it. After all, it's crocheted by a guy. That's really something, right?

Very, very masculine creation.

I'm also glad that the weather was really great today. It wasn't too hot and the sun was mostly shining. I couldn't have asked for a better weather. It wasn't all "sunshine", thought. Helsinki has a problem with beggars. (I'm not sure if begging is even legal in Finland, since we don't have so many of them.) A Romanian beggar lady came to us and asked for money, She was also very interested in the giant scarf we were sitting on. She was really stubborn! We gave her nothing. Only tourists give money to beggars here, because they don't know how easy living is in Finland. There are many grants and allowances that Kela, the social insurance institution of Finland, can give you if you don't have enough money for living. There should be no reason to actually beg for money, unless you're in the country illegally or something.

There was also one annoying Swedish talking little girl! She came to me while J.R. was buying the peas, and I simply couldn't understand what she wanted. I first thought she was interested in Papu, like the other kids that came to us, but she didn't pet her when she got a chance. It was so weird. She just stood there like I was retarded or something because I didn't understand her talking. I just wanted her to go away, which she did, eventually.

You're probably wondering why I wrote my WWKIP report here, instead of the Yarn-Loving Couple. There are two reasons for that. First reason is that I didn't really had anything to report. I didn't make a potholder like I was supposed to. Second reason is that I didn't want to repeat everything that J.R. wrote about it.


  1. I like the idea behind that event; knitting things for others to pick up randomly. That's such a great idea!

  2. The Swedish Finns, so arrogant so young! :D

  3. Sounds like a wonderful idea for the event.