Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jag trivs bäst i öppna landskap

I've been neglecting my blog, both of them actually. And Twitter too. But I have a pretty good excuse, just wait until you hear it. My laptop, my lovely, lovely laptop is broken and taken away. I've had a problem with flickering screen since forever, but that's not the main reason why it's taken away. It didn't boot anymore. No BIOS, no nothing. Now I have to rely on my old laptop, my old, not so good laptop with a very, very crappy Linux distribution. I shouldn't complain, though. At least I still have a laptop. I just don't really enjoy working with this thing, because this thing doesn't really want to cooperate with me. Like seriously, how hard it is to tweet?

Anyway. I just spent a long weekend in Viiala, sans my laptop of course. I didn't miss it though, because I had J.R. and Papu with me. They kept me well entertained at all times. And Papu had so much fun! She made two new dog friends and she was also able to run around free. I had no idea that she might have so much energy. She doesn't really show that side at home, because we don't have enough room to run at home and outside she has to wear a short leash. I think the weekend made wonders to her socialization.

Because it was raining almost all the time, we didn't take many pictures of Papu running outside. Luckily on Sunday, which was our last day there, the sun started to shine again and we were able to took a few nice shots of her:

Yesterday we learned that Papu has been traumatized before she came to us. Or at least that's what the vet suspected and we have no reason to question that since it makes sense. So, yesterday we took Papu to the vet to get her vaccinated for the first time, and everything was fine, until the vet took out the microchip reader to read Papu's microchip. Papu didn't like that. She didn't like that at all. I think she surprised us all. The vet had to muzzle her and to give J.R. some first aid because Papu bit him. The vet said that it's a common problem nowadays because puppies are microchipped when they're still... well... puppies and it doesn't always go so well.

I wish I had known that. I would have asked the breeder not to get Papu microchipped. We could have get her microchipped later. It's so obvious now why Papu doesn't like when strange people try to pet her. She allows them to get closer, she sniffes them, she takes treats from them and she plays with them... But if they raise their hand to touch her, she backs off. I thought she was just timid and I gave her space. I never pushed her into anything since, after all, she showed interest toward strangers in a very positive way. I thought she only needed time, but no. She needs therapy too, some positive experiences and lot's of practice.


  1. The pictures are beautiful! It's so nice she had a good time and met other dogs. I'm really sorry to hear about the problem she has, but I'm sure she will get over it with lots of love!

    Come by my blog, I have something (actually, two things!) for you! :)

  2. (MicroChip btw)

    Obi didn't like petting at first either, even though he didn't have a trauma. He just didn't understand why he should let anyone touch him, since he just rather wanted to play and stuff. But I feel sorry for Papu, at least she seems otherwise a very normal puppy. :)

    Why am I writing this in English?

  3. What beautiful pictures! Your story makes me really glad Charlie hasn't been microchipped yet. It was stressful enough for him to be neutered!