Friday, January 16, 2009

Brainwashed in 60 °C

All my friends know that I love blogs and blogging, but the one who knows that best is J.R. He's my boyfriend, so he's obligated to listen to whatever I'm babbling about. And I'm often babbling about the beauty of blogging. Sometimes he says that it's funny how much he knows about the subject even though he doesn't even read any blogs beside mine or haven't blogged by himself.

But that thing is going to change. Apparently I have brainwashed J.R, because he has agreed to start a blog together with me. Clearly he's not reluctant to write on web anymore since I didn't even have to persuade him. Anyway. Our blog is going to be mainly about crocheting, but it will take time until we're ready to actually post something. I let you know as soon as we have something good to show.

We're still working on the layout. It has to please both of us, so it's not an easy job. We started our designing project by checking out some cool sites on Screenalicious to determine what kind of colors and elements we both like. Colorlovers helped us to choose color schemes. For some people choosing the colors and such is probably the best part of designing...

... But we're nerds and we're into coding. We spent yesterday night working on the layout code, though we didn't start from a scratch. Our design is build on Minima, which is one of Blogger's most popular default layouts. It can get confusing with Blogger tags so it's better to use a template. Of course our design won't resemble Minima when it's finished. Anyway. Coding is always so much fun, but it also makes me feel guilty for not practicing more. I have started to forget CSS and I'm definitely not learning anything new. Shame on me!

But today at school I learned some basics of Java and that was pretty neat. I haven't programmed anything before (I believe that VCR doesn't count). Alas, we don't have more Java lessons until the week 13. It kinda sucks.


  1. Mä pesen kaikki pyykit 40 asteessa. :D

    Täähän on olennaista tietoa.

  2. Totta kai on olennaista! Liittyy aiheeseen ja kaikkea!

    Mä pesen vaatteet 40 asteessa, mutta lakanat ja pyyhkeet 60:ssä.

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