Monday, November 17, 2008


I have been writing an essay for school. I guess I should have submitted it already, but I just don't know when to stop. I love writing so much. There is always something to add, something to edit, something to delete. I feel that I'm never finished. But I'm going to submit it today. Not because I want to, but because I have to.

My aunt dropped by today. Last weekend she visited my parents at Viiala and my mother sent me some stuff via her. My mom does that often. She had bought us some on-sale yarn. I've been longing for blue yarn as long as we've been crocheting, but we have always bought other colors. Now we have two different shades of blue! I'm so going to crochet sea creatures! The yarn is a little bit thinner than the yarn we usually use so I have to switch to smaller hook. It wont be a problem though.

I wonder if he likes the colors.

The beetle bug in the picture is crocheted by J.R. I tried to crochet a beetle too, but I wasn't so successful. I tried to turn my beetle to a ladybug... but that didn't work either. It ended up in crochet X-files. Anyway. The pattern was charted and written in Japanese. And we suck at both. But if you want to give it a try, go ahead.

And talking about crocheting... J.R. crocheted a scarf for me. I have a thing for scarves and this one is very lovely for the winter. It's really thick and warm. I love it, actually, I love it even more because it's made by J.R. The pattern is from Drop Design Studio and J.R. said the scarf was very easy to crochet.

It's J.R. modeling the scarf. Another prove that he exists.

I got a new teapot too, and a bowl for sugar. I think they're lovely. We have six teapots now, but we hardly ever use them. We do drink a lot of tea, several cups in a day, but we always use our tea maker instead of teapot. It makes better tea.

We also got this thingy to keep the teapot warm. You insert a small candle in it, close the lid and put the teapot on it. And it's not just practical, it's pretty too:

I think we're officially collecting teapots. And it's not good because they take a lot of storage pace. It was better when I was a kid and I collected serviettes. They didn't took much pace and years later my mom used them all for her decoupage flower pots. That's a good collection.


  1. You write well. Great work. :D

    Mä ihmettelinki et onpas sulla aataminomena. :D

  2. Noh noh, Elina, älä spammaa :D

  3. I love teacups! :] tell J.R. the beetle looks good, and I am looking forward to seeing sea creatures!

  4. I love teacups too... but I rather drink tea from regular mugs. Teacups are usually wider than they are high... and in my opinion that makes tea cool too fast. I want my tea hot.