Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"You take that apple and..."

I lost my Mac-virginity today. For no apparent reason we had a lecture in a Mac classroom. All the computers in that classrooms were Macs. So I had no other choice than to log on to a Mac. And it was pretty much everything I expected: totally gay. By the way, have I ever mentioned that I'm not a particular fan of Macs or Mac-fags? Well... Now I have.

"Look at me! I'm iMac!" Just how gay is that?

It says "keyboard" in the keyboard, so the Mac-fags can tell it's a keyboard...

Mac-fags are afraid of buttons?

OK. It was not all bad. After a while the mouse started to feel quite good. I didn't liked the way it functioned but I liked the softness of the scroll ball. And... No. That was honestly the only good thing that came to my mind.

And why they don't have Linux classrooms? Anyone?


  1. you're so funny ;] I haven't seen a linux classroom either...

  2. I'm sure in time we'll start seeing more Linux classrooms. At our uni, we have a Sun lab and a Linux lab, in addition to the usual PC/Mac labs.

    I think Mac labs exist because of so much of multimedia production takes place on Macs, or has in the past. Still, for purposes of teaching software engineering or server administration, I'd think a Linux lab would be quite valuable.

  3. Helsingin yliopistolla koneet taitaa olla Linux-pohjaisia vaikka ne pyörittääkin Windowsia. (Onko se mahdollista? Siltä se ainakin vaikuttaa.)

    Mäkin oon päässyt nyt kesän aikana vertailemaan Maccia ja PC:tä ja yhä silti pidän PC:stä enemmän. Ainoastaan verkko-ominaisuuksissa Mac OS on Windowsia parempi: piuha vaan kiinni, niin yhteys toimii heti. Windowsissa saa aina odotella, joku on aina vialla.

    Esim. näppäimistön, hiiren ja hakemistorakenteen kannalta pidän kuitenkin PC:stä / Windowsista silti enemmän.

  4. Kyllä Winkku Linuxissa pyörii, WINEn avulla tai jonkun muun emun kautta. Ja aika hyvinkin ilmeisesti. Ite en ole kokeillut, ei ole ollut tarvetta.