Sunday, September 07, 2008

I Love You But I've Chosen ... Amigurumis

On Friday I visited my old school, the school where I used to study dentistry. I thought it was about the time to empty my lockers and give back the keys. It's been almost a year since I quit studying there. But all my stuff was still in place. Now I have my nurse suit here, though I'm not sure what I should do with it. Elina suggested that I should use it for some kinky costume plays but clearly she has not seen the suit. It's definitely not that kind of a nurse suit. I guess I should just sell it.

I also met Julia. She's still studying there even though she used to be more eager to quit than I was. I saw her on the clinic. She was wearing her nurse suit and filling out some papers. And I was sitting there, on the corner of the unit, chatting to her. It felt exactly like in the old days.

And the board was still there! When I started my dental hygienist studies, I noticed that there was a white board in a corner of one elevator. I expected it to disappear but it didn't. After two years it was still there. And then once I talked with some older students and they said that the board had been there like forever. And on Friday I used the same elevator again, and the board was still there.

After fours years the board is still there.

On Friday we crocheted again. I crocheted a turtle. I think it's the cutest thing I've crocheted so far, and it's like amigurumi cute. The pattern is from here but I modified it a bit with J.R.

And J.R. crocheted an elephant. He said that the pattern was very hard to follow so I wouldn't recommend it for the beginners. In my opinion it turned out pretty cute anyway.

Our crocheting playlist was a bit different this time. Usually we have just sampled some random singer-songwriters on and downloaded whatever suited the mood. But this time we went to library and borrowed actual CD's. And all of our choices were based entirely on title names or cover arts. So we had no clue how the bands and artist would actually sound like.

Here is the full soundtrack:

Comfort of strangers / Beth Orton
Shocking Pinks / Shocking Pinks
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness / I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
Fusion / Eilera
Smoke / White Williams
Soft commands / Ken Stringfellow
From the corner to the block / Galactic
You're under arrest / Miles Davis
New boots and panties!! / Ian Dury
Music for elevators / Anthony Stewart Head & George Sarah


  1. wow nice amigurumi's! :] Thanks for the tip about my crochet projects!

  2. Anteeks kun tuun tänne häiriköimään, mut ootko saanut mun meilejä?