Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's a miracle

Papu's eyes don't weep anymore. I know, it's a miracle. After all, she was on cortisone/antibiotic eye drops for a month, got her tear ducts punctured and tried some super expensive eye drops for dry eyes and they did nothing to her eyes. Absolutely nothing. We had already given up hope. We thought that her eyes would weep forever and that I would always feel guilty for not being able to make her better.

But then after one dry windy day her eyes started to produce yellowish eye discharge. Lots of it, so we took her to a vet again. First the vet wanted to inject her with cortisone and to give us some antibiotic eye drops, but I told the vet that eye drops that only contain antibiotics and no cortisone has rarely worked for us so she then gave us some cortisone/antibiotic eye drops.

She was a full month on cortisone/antibiotic eye drops but they didn't help her. This time however we got different cortisone/antibiotic eye drops... and after a day or two her eyes started to look healthy and completely normal. No more yellowish eye discharge... no more weeping! You can only imagine how happy I am now... though I kinda wish they'd given us those eye drops in the first place as it would have saved us some money. Anyway. We're still on the eye drops so we don't know if the weeping comes back after we stop giving the eye drops to her, but I'm staying positive. At least we know now that there is something that helps her.

And I really thought that I would never see her beautiful eyes healthy again, but here they are:

The fur under her eyes is completely dry! Remember, her eyes used to look like this on a good day:

 What a difference!

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