Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"She is a weeping dog, her eyes are meant to weep"

Yesterday we visited a vet with Papu. It was a completely new place, and when we got there, we were greeted by six gigantic mastiffs. They were there for an eye check too. Despite the rush hour our turn came quickly. The vet asked about Papu's eyes, like what kind of treatment she had got already and how had they worked. She then decided they should check Papu's tear ducts. Blocking tear ducts may cause the weeping.

So she was sedated and they took her away. We got her back in less than an hour. The poor baby was so sleepy! They had checked the tear ducts but they were fine and open. Her eyes started to weep as soon as we got her back. The vet gave us some different kinds of eye drops. They're basically for dry eyes, which Papu definitely don't have, but the vet said that the drops may chance the way her tears are. That maybe her eyes weep because her tears are too runny or maybe she does produces too much tears. If these eye drops don't work, then her diagnosis is that "her eyes just weep".

This is how her eyes look... when they're looking pretty good.
It's good to know that there's nothing wrong with her eyes causing the weeping. But I would like to see her pretty eyes again. Now I only see the tearfulness. And I'm afraid that's what other people see too. That they see a dog with seriously weepy eyes and think that I'm a bad dog owner because I don't take care of her weepy eyes. If only I could. I can wipe them, but after a second they're as bad again. No tear drops work.

Still my precious, that's for sure.
 I wish I had taken video of her sleepiness. She looked so funny! Her ears were bent down and she looked nothing but sad, and then she walked around like a very, very tired duck.


  1. I have two dachshunds, who gladly spend 22 hours a day sleeping, and the other two hours either just about to go to sleep or just woke up. Half-asleep dogs are awesome.

  2. I didn't really notice it that much, it's not perhaps the first thing people look at in dogs.. :P Of course owner always notices every little (and big) thing.

  3. Steve: Dachshund is basically my second favorite dog breed. My mom has one too and she's like the best friend of my pups. Especially our younger dog loves to play with her.

    Elina: Her eyes are nowadays so teary that they're hard not to notice. The fur is so wet around her eyes.