Saturday, September 11, 2010

What's new with Niila's exciting life?

Yesterday we took Niila to the vet to get her the first set of vaccines. It was so much different this time. When we took Papu to the vet for the first time, she needed a muzzle and J.R. needed a band-aid. Niila was nothing but brave and we were super proud of her. The vet seemed to be pretty fond of her too, but I guess vets are supposed to admire every puppy they come up with. Anyway. We learned that we might have an issue with Niila's lower canine teeth. They came up late and now their position is a little incorrect too. It wasn't really a surprise though because Niila's mother had canine teeth problems too. It was a risk we were willing to take so we can't whine about it now. Anyway. To prevent the future problems we are supposed to carefully push the canine teeth towards the correct position every day. If that doesn't work within a month, the milk canine teeth need to be pulled out.

It's quite funny actually. We did our best to find a good, reliable breeder when we decide to get a miniature pinscher. And I think the one we found was really good, no complaints. Papu is absolutely perfect... except mentally. Her timid personality  is against the breed recommendation, so even if we wanted to, we shouldn't breed her. And now we got Niila, who has the perfect social personality... but has a physical flaw so we shouldn't breed her either. Good thing we don't want to be breeders!

I have also managed to socialize Niila with some new kids recently. I ran into three little girls when I was coming back inside after one of the many pee trips. The kids asked me if they can pet her, and though I don't like kids and wanted to go inside to continue my other things, I said "OK". It's vital to get her properly socialized with kids since we don't want to double the problems we have with Papu.

The girls were all over her and even though I said "one at a time", it didn't seem to have any effect. I started to worry because Niila tried to hide in my legs and she looked really uncomfortable. Luckily I remembered that I had treats in my pocket and I took them out and asked the girls to give as many treats to Niila as possible. And once she started to receive treats from three directions she seemed to be completely fine with the quite rough and clumsy cuddles.

Ears up

I was going to write about dog foods but I got a little side-tracked. That's funny too.


  1. She is such a cutie!! And so...she's imperfect. Who isn't?!! ^_^ At least her imperfection is only 'teeth'!

  2. If it was only her "teeth", it would be fine. It wouldn't matter if her teeth weren't perfect. Like really. But since her lower canine teeth are growing inwards they're making holes to her upper because there's no room for them to grow. It's a serious problem which can cause serious infections, so it's not just an aesthetic issue :(

    This "pushing" method is slightly showing results already, but they're just her milk teeth. I think there's a chance that she can keep her permanent canine teeth if we just work really really really hard every day.

  3. What are "milk" teeth...? Are they the same as baby teeth...? I've never heard of a dog's lower teeth growing inwards and making holes in the upper gum area. It sounds sore...poor Niila. :(

    That was smart to give the little girls the treats to give to Niila. Little kids can get really hyper when they see a dog and sometimes they don't know how to pet gently so I always supervise whenever any kids want to pet Penny. I also look at their hands to make sure they aren't dirty or sticky. :D

  4. Jon: In Finnish language baby teeth are always called as milk teeth, so I'm more familiar with that term. It's the correct one too, I think.

    Currently only one tooth is digging a hole, and the hole is still rather small. I didn't know about this either until now. You can google "linguoversio" and "dog" to get more information, but the pictures aren't usually nice to watch if they're worst case scenarios...