Saturday, September 04, 2010

Let me guess, you're a cat person?

Don't you find it funny when a person who hasn't obviously ever own a dog writes how dog owners are retarded and probably somehow even crazy? I do, and that's something I just recently read from (online version of a Finnish news paper). The story started when someone saw somebody shopping with a chihuahua in a hand bag. You know, because it's the end of the world when you take the dog shopping with you instead of leaving it alone at home for hours. And yeah, it's seriously twisted when you carry the dog when you're in the shops as it would be otherwise prohibited to take the dog inside. For a dog owner this is a perfectly logical scenario, it's just not so common in Finland yet.

And according to the writer, there must be something seriously wrong in a person who calls herself a mommy of a dog. Well, excuse me? How do you define what is a "mommy"? If it requires that something comes out from your v-jay-jay, that would leave out all the adopted kiddies?  And what about extended families? If I raise a dog from a puppy, feed it, play with it, train it, take it out... I think it gives me the right to call myself a "mommy" if I want to. And if I'm the mommy... then I can call the dogs as my furry babies too!

I don't think there's anything wrong or twisted to think that the dog is part of the family. Of course they are. In a matter of fact, I think there is probably something very wrong in the humans who exclude the dog from the family (though working dogs may be an exception).

I think it's natural that only dog owners understand dog owners, but what makes a non-dog owner to believe she can criticize dog owners without creating a serious conversation? The text has received 306 comments so far. Most of the people said that her "truths" were plain stupid and that she knows absolutely nothing about dog ownership.... and the rest of the crowd said she's "right" and all dogs should be like abolished from the earth. Those silly people.

I think these so called dog despisers have missed something. And that something is fun. Why would anyone get a dog if it only means an endless list of chores and responsibilities? I think you're supposed to have fun with your dog! You're supposed to sign every single holiday card with your dog's name if you want to, or to write a blog from your dog's perspective (according to the writer these are all symptoms of craziness). And maybe you could even dare to take the dog shopping in Finland.

I know I'm having a blast with my dogs, no matter what other people might think about us. How about you?


  1. The writer obviously has too much time in their hands.

    I personally think it's weirder when cat owners usually refer to their cat with 'he' or 'she', while 'it' suits both cats and dogs better to my ear. But am I complaining about that on a newspaper? No. I don't feel the need to make cat owners feel bad because it's not a huge deal.

    It might be that the writer was trying to be funny but failed miserably...some people think they are better at writing than they actually are and are yet awarded by getting published...

  2. I am certainly not going to wade into the waters of this controversy by saying something negative about dog owners! I was one myself at one time. I love dogs...But I will say that you must admit, as with people with kids and cat owners, etc..., some people do go a bit far! Maybe that's what makes rather sensible dog owners look a little silly to people. Just saying!!

  3. @PoetessWug
    I guess it all depends on what your definition of "going a bit far" is.

    In life you will come across a wide range of people with even broader opinions and perspectives on life.

    Some people I know would roll their eyes if they saw how I act when I am with my dog Penny or even that my wife and I write 2 separate blogs dedicated to her life and antics.

    What other people think doesn't really bother me because it won't change how I feel about dogs or animals in general.

    Everyone is entitled to their matter how misguided. ;D

  4. Jon, Just wanted to let you know what I meant by "Going a bit too far". I visited someone's home who was a REAl dog lover. I loved hers dogs too, but when the dog was permitted to take food from our plates and pee on my leg (and I was wearing stockings), and the owner proceeded to tell me how wonderful it was that her dogs loved me enough to do this...GOING A BIT TOO FAR!! Just because you have a certain relationship with your lovely doggies doesn't give you the right to disrespect other people's matter how cute they think your dog is! Imagine if another human being did this to you. NOBODY woud think it was cute. Nor should they! (And other things too) But, as I said, with some respect for my space I'm alright with most stuff. I love dogs!