Saturday, October 24, 2009

Goodbye baby collar

J.R. and Papu visited a vet on Wednesday. She had been peeing and drinking water excessively for weeks, so we wanted to make sure she's OK. And she was OK. It kinda gave us a fright, though. She's our baby and we would be absolutely devastated if anything bad happened to her. It's strange how attached you can become to a dog. They're definitely more than just pets, they're friends, family members, companions. Anyway.

Papu is now almost seven months old, and yesterday we decided it's time to pass the baby phase. We bought her a harness and a new leash. She looks so grown-up now!

The harness and the leash are both black leather. I guess some other color would have stood out more nicely against Papu's black fur, but black is pretty much the only color that suits us. They are made in Finland, and considering that I think they were quite cheap. They both cost 28.90€ in Stockmann. And I guess that since they're made in Finland, they are also designed for Finnish climate. It gets really dark in here on the fall and the winter, so it's definitely a good thing that Papu's harness is almost completely covered with reflectors. We can be sure that all the drivers can see her before it's too late.

And since Papu's a bit pampered, we bought her a new toy too. Stockmann has a good selection of toys by Kong company and we got her a Kong Wubba. Papu loves it and I'm glad it seems really durable, like other Kong company toys too. It's absolutely perfect for fetching (it's easy to throw) and tugging (it's easy to hold and I don't have to worry about my fingers). And it SQUEAKS! I also read lately, that dogs can differentiate many shades of blue, even though they're bad with all the other colors. So I guess I picked the best color for her too.

And to keep this Papu stuff coming... I also baked her doggie biscuits by myself. I got the recipe from a dog food book, but I modified it a lot. Who has some Worcestershire dressing by default anyway? I used white rice, minced meat, oregano, some oil, consommé and flour to create these:

Looks quite healthy and delicious, right? Unfortunately I made them way too big for Papu so they're quite impossible to serve. I don't want her to have a whole biscuit at once, but they're too hard to crack in to pieces either. I'm going to try some other dog biscuits later, maybe they are more suitable for Papu.


  1. Jan (jcoop on ravelry)October 24, 2009 8:08 PM

    Papu looks so calm and contented in her new apparel! That reflective material works really well and is so sensible. She's a lucky pup to have such loving companions, who even bake for her and get her such lovely toys.

  2. Jan: I was quite surprised about how quickly Papu got used to her new harness. We just put it on and she was completely happy with it. I hope it means that the harness is very comfortable to wear :P

    I don't really buy so many toys for Papu (J.R. won't let me), but when I do, I try make sure that they're good quality and as durable as possible. Same goes with the dog food too, I read the labels really carefully. That's why I would like to bake my own doggie biscuits, there's no food additives or colorants in them :P

  3. That looks like a high quality harness, and the same for the leash. In that climate you really want a good leather leash that can withstand all the temperature changes and not crack and stuff. I think you got a very good deal on those, actually.

    As for the Worcestershire sauce... we keep some at hand! Yanks use it a fair bit, apparently. I had never even heard of it, and couldn't tell you what to use it on. My wife sent me to buy some once when we ran out... I was asking the lady in the grocery shop and couldn't pronounce or spell the name... Worsomethingwhatever sauce.

    You could probably crack those biscuits with a hammer or something, if they are too hard to break by hand. Or, feed them to birds - just don't throw them away or something. I'm sure they are safe for birds to eat.

    Although, I may not be an expert on that one. You can ask my brother what happens when you put soap in the bird feeder...

  4. Mika: That's one reason why I hate foreign recipes. There's always that one ingredient that we don't use in Finland, and it's therefore hard to get or too expensive to buy just for one time or something. I just leave them out or replace them with something else. For example, if you don't have lemon juice, you can use orange flavored MARMALADE instead. Tried that on my cheese cake, turned out fine.

    The biscuits aren't really too hard to crack by hand, they're just too small to get a good grip on. I could use scissors to cut them smaller (that works), but I rather give them away. My friend have big dogs, so I guess they could be perfect for them.

  5. They look delicious in any case. Papu sits so nice there.

  6. Mm, itekin joskus tehnyt serkkujen koirille herkkuja ja ovat kyllä tykänneet! Melkeinpä tekisi taas mieli tehdä.. Jos vaikka etsisi jonkun uuden, kivan reseptin :)

  7. Those reflectors are amazing! What a good idea!

    The biscuits look great, what a shame after you did all that work... Papu is a very lucky dog! :)