Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New jacket

I received a comment on my last post. It was from fellow blogger Mementomori. I agree with you: it's always very nice to know if there are people out there who dig your blog and read it too. So your comment was indeed appreciated. I use Google Analytics to track down my visitors, but visitors who comment and come back later are much more valuable than those who just drop by once and never come back.

And now to the news: They are still using IE6 aka the worst browser ever in our school. Some old version of Firefox is also available (I'm using that) but I have noticed that they all use IE. It's horrible how people keep using it. Everything, I mean absolutely everything renders really badly in IE. People should stop using it for web designers sake. Immediately!

My aunt dropped by today. She was going to pick up some stuff. But she asked me if I needed any clothes or such and I said that I need a jacket. You know. Now when I have started to bike a lot I definitely need a water proof jacket that I can wear until it start to snow. So we went to Sello and spent there two hours. This is what I eventyally chose, in red though:

Klang jacket

Feminine DrymaxX jacket active outdoor pursuits.
• The materials are All Weather series DrymaxX fabrics that possess superb waterproofing and breathability.
• Active Dry mesh lining, which transfers moisture effectively and dries quickly.
• Most seams realised without outer stitching, making seams less susceptible to wear.
• Removable, highly protective hood with one-hand adjustment.
• Short zipped underarm ventilation openings enhance breathability.
• Adjustable collar, hem and cuffs.
• Two front pockets, inside mesh pocket and Napoleon pocket.
• Thin reflecting stripes on cuffs.

It was about 150 euros on sale. To me it was very expensive. I wouldn't have bought it myself so I'm VERY glad that my aunt did. She said it was my birthday present.

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