Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just one and it was dead already

Niila had her second check-up yesterday and it was all clear. The vet took multilpe sample and she was only able to find one little bugger and it was dead already. We no longer have to feed Niila with those ridiculously expensive meds, but we still have to put some lotion to the bald spots. Basiron to help the skin to renew and Bepanthen to help it heal. I wonder when the hair will start growing back.

And here's a completely irrelevant picture:


  1. Our rat terrier Bisou had them, too. On two spots only. Tried a medication first to rub into the spots, when nothing moved we got a spot-on solution to put in her neck. Three times in four weeks. that was the end for the mites.
    That was in March/April and you still can see where the spots were though the hair if finally grwoing there again.
    Hth :-)

  2. I've noticed some hair growth on Niila's spots but I still belive it's going to take a long time before she's fully recovered :/