Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Dog Food Week!

Yesterday I woke up early and for some mysterious reason I also felt really energetic. I had nothing to do before school, so I thought I could spend my morning writing that blog post about dog food I have planned for months and months. Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, I am really passionate about dog food so I end up writing something that I usually refer as "megapost" or as "the post that is so long that nobody will ever read it".

So therefore I'm announcing this week as the Dog Food Week. I'm going to break my megapost into smaller parts and post them through the week. That way I have a chance that someone actually reads them. There is also going to be a giveaway at the end of the week, which is something totally new. I have never had I giveaway in this blog, so it's about the time. The prize of the giveaway will be something dog food related since this is a Dog Food Week.

Here is the raw schedule:

The Dog Food Week
  • How to detect the quality of the dog food? - Tuesday
  • How much does the high quality dog food cost? - Wednesday
  • Why to feed your dog with high quality dog food? - Friday
  • Giveaway - Saturday
If you have other dog food related topics you would like me to cover, or just questions about dog food, drop a comment. I will take all suggestions to my consideration, and I will gladly answer any questions.

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  1. I will always read your posts, no matter how long. Sometimes I just read them in pieces. :P

    I think it's an interesting topic. It's shocking how the most popular brands are complete crap and people just don't come to think of it.

  2. It's quite soothing to know that there is at least one who reads every word. It means that I have not written them for nothing. You're absolutely my number one reader!

    I think it's weird how little people pay attention to dog food considering how much people love their pups. Like it doesn't matter O.o I would rather eat crap myself to feed it to my poor innocent babies who have no other choice than to eat what they're offered!