Thursday, August 12, 2010

Papu's new little sister!

We got the new puppy yesterday, but I was naturally too excited to blog about it right away. Now things have finally calmed down enough and I can spare a minute or two to introduce our newest baby to the blogosphere. Her name is Niila and she's a brown miniature pinscher.

Niila has the cutest little face. And the cutest little ears too.

She likes to hide under the sofa, because she can fit there perfectly. When Papu plays with her roughly, she runs there and she's safe. Papu can't reach her.

Because of the puppydom, Niila sleeps a lot.

Papu tries her best to show Niila that she's the boss, but secretly she seems to find her adorable too. When Niila lied down and started to sleep, Papu wanted to sleep next to her.

Papu doesn't mind if Niila comes close.

And Papu even lets Niila to sleep next to her in her bed!

Papu and Niila aren't the best friends yet, but so far they already play together and sleep together. Papu doesn't always like when Niila plays with her toys and sometimes she just tells Niila to bugger off for no apparent reason. We are clicker-training Papu to be more tolerable with Niila. We click and treat Papu if she looks at Niila or when Papu behaves calmly and nicely around her. Papu also gets treats when she lets Niila to touch her toys or play with them. We want Papu to feel that it's good to be around Niila, after all, she's the source of endless noms.


  1. Awwww! She's a real cutie!!! Congrats on your new 'little one'!! ;-)

  2. She's adorable!!! Papu seems also happy and content with the new family member. They look so sweet cuddled next to each other. <3

  3. Oijoi, kun on suloinen! :) Onnittelut perheenlisäyksestä

  4. They look to be getting along very well, considering it's been only one day! I'm sure they'll become friends soon. Niila is as cute as Papu as a puppy, so she'll probably be one of those pretty minpins too. :P Papu looks really skinny now in comparison..

  5. Congrat on the new family member!! Super cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. That picture of Nila and Papu together is so cute...! The fact that they are sleeping together after such a short time knowing each other is a good thing. I'm sure they will end up being inseparable in the future. :D